The bushel raised

I started this blog as part of a challenge to do something crazy, and now I’ve been wondering exactly what I should write about and where to go with it.

Am I writing just for myself or for a hoped-for audience? Should I just share daily “aha’s” on my journey to a new me?  Should I try to be inspirational?  Should I try to be funny?  (NOT a good idea, rejected that one pretty quick.)

Then I remembered an idea I had years ago when I was training as a life coach to do a series of articles based on 26 concepts, the “ABC’s” of building a better life.  So that’s where this is going, at least for the next 26 weeks.

If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to resurrect my notes.

More likely, I’ll be starting over from scratch.

And isn’t that what we all have to do sometimes?

See you next week for “A is for Attitude”!

Here we go!

So, I’m in Week 5 of 50 Weeks & 50 New Habits with Wellness Coach Tracee Randall, and today she challenged us to take several steps to make today the best day ever.  One of the steps was to find time to have 20 seconds of insane courage to do something safe but crazy.  I think starting a blog qualifies.

I don’t know if I’ll keep it up (the lady that already had the blog name I preferred hasn’t posted since 2011).  I don’t know if it will benefit anyone but me.  But at least it’s a start.

I am always encouraging others to Let Your Light Shine.  The only way to do that is to remove the bushel.  So here we go, this is me, lifting up the bushel and being transparent.

We’ll see where the next entry takes us.